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SEO Tools Script

SEO Tools website script that includes the source code for more than 50 seo tools in 9 categories. You may use any combination of these tools on your websites.

As a bonus, a complete website template is included with the script package. This website displays every tool in the seo tools package. Google Adsense ads are displayed on every page to generate some nice income. You are free to use and modify this template to suit your needs. You do not need to use this website template to use the tools. The website template is only an additional bonus if you want to have complete website displaying the tools.

Web Tools Included

Header/Tag Tools
» HTTP Header Extractor
» HTTP Header Viewer
» Meta Tag Extractor
» Meta Tag Generator

IP Tools
» IP Locator
» Ping
» Reverse IP Lookup (Bing)
» Reverse IP/Lookup

Keyword Tools
» Keyword Click Value
» Keyword Density Checker
» Keyword Suggestion Generator (Yahoo!)

Link Tools
» Link Analyzer
» Link Popularity Checker
» Link Suggestion Generator
» No-Follow Finder
» Reciprocal Link Checker
» Valid Link Checker

Miscellaneous Tools
» Browser Details Tool
» Countdown Generator
» Domain Availability Checker
» Domain Typo Generator
» List Cleaner
» URL Redirect Checker
» Unix Time Converter
» Website Status Checker

Search Engine Tools
» Google Adsense Calculator
» Google Adsense Preview
» Google Banned Checker
» Google Datacenter Search
» Search Engine Listing Preview
» Search Engine Saturation Checker
» Site Spider Viewer
» Text Website Viewer
» Website Resolution Viewer

Source Code Tools
» Domain Whois Retriever
» .htaccess URL Rewrite Tool
» MD5 Encrypter
» HTML Encrypter
» HTML Optimizer
» Single-Level Sitemap Creator
» Source Code Viewer
» Website Speed Test

Website Rank Checkers
» Alexa Traffic Rank Checker
» Fake Rank Checker
» Multiple Keyword SE Position Checker
» Search Engine Position Checker
» Site Rank Checker
» Multiple Website Search Engine Position
» Multi-Rank Checker (PageRank and Alexa)

Website Submitters
» Automated Directory Submitter
» Automated Search Engine Submitter

Sample Screens


The script is a zero maintenance script and the templates can be easily edited without much difficulty. You get a complete website with all these tools for such a reasonable price. I would say it's a great buy.


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